This website exists to provide information on every major aspect of the Legend of King Arthur. We host a variety of freely–distributable texts for scholars to make use of in their studies, in addition to a variety of articles aimed at introducing the beginning student to the Arthurian Legend. Our hope is that anyone looking for information about King Arthur will find this site useful, from advanced scholars to passersby with only a passing curiosity about the famous king.

Beginners looking for basic information on who King Arthur was, whether or not he was a real person, and what his legend is, should probably start by reading our Introduction page, which gives a very brief overview on these topics. If you would still like more information after that, we provide a series of articles which take a more in–depth look at three various aspects of the legend:

Our Legend section discusses just that: it takes a more in–depth look at what the Legend of King Arthur is, and what it tells us about him.

The Literature section takes a closer look at the political and social forces which caused the legend to develop in the way it did.

The History section takes a look at what the earliest legends tell us about Arthur, and the world in which he would have lived.

If you're still hungry for more information after that, we host a variety of freely–distributable translations of some of the most ancient texts that mention Arthur. These texts are broadly grouped into two categories: our Historic Documents section contains the earliest texts to mention Arthur. These are basically the texts which are pre–Geoffrey. (You'll learn more about Geoffrey of Monmouth and his influence on the legend in our Literature section.) Our Arthurian Romances section contains works which are post–Geoffrey, and are much more fictitious.