Chapter VIII:
The Enemy Within

Guinevere went out riding. With Galahad dead, Lancelot was once again Arthur's best knight. Arthur knew of Lancelot's love for his queen. But Arthur had lost many knights trying to recover the Grail, and because Lancelot was loyal and a true friend, he remained silent.

One night, Mordred came to him and told him he had seen Lancelot nearby, and not alone: the Queen had been with him.

“The penalty for adultery is death,” Mordred reminded. Arthur reluctantly agreed, and a trap was set.

The next day, Guinevere told Arthur she was going out riding again. When she left, Mordred and some of Arthur's men followed. When she met Lancelot, they jumped out and grabbed her. Lancelot was able to escape, but Guinevere was captured.

At Camelot, the Queen was put on trial for adultery, and found guilty. She was tied to a stake and the torches were lit. Just as she was about to be set ablaze, Lancelot rode in with his men, and cut her free. While Arthur's soldiers were still fighting off the attack, the two lovers rode off together.

Guinevere was sentenced to be burned at the stake.