Related Links

The following websites are some excellent sources for further Arthurian study.

King–Arthur–related websites:

King Arthur's Knights
This is an excellently–researched website which provides many thorough and informative articles about Arthur, his legends, and the history surrounding them.
King Arthur at
This is an excellent website which provides information on all aspects of the Arthurian Legend. Contains articles about various elements of the Arthurian Legend, a timeline of Arthurian history, biographical summaries of many of the characters, and more.
The Timeless Myths Website
This is an excellent, well–researched website which provides in–depth summaries of many of the legends associated with Arthur, as well as many Celtic, Norse, and Greco–Roman myths as well.
The King Arthur page at Celtic Twilight
An excellent resource for Arthurian literature. Contains on-line versions of many ancient texts pertaining to Arthur, and an Infopedia of Arthur–related topics.
The Pendragon Historical Society
This is a society dedicated to discussing the Arthurian Legend as well as various other aspects of history, and reaching out to fellow Arthurian enthusiasts.

Websites for academic study:

The CAMELOT Project at the University of Rochester
This is a university–sponsored project to make every piece of art or literature which is associated with King Arthur and is in the public domain available in electronic format. It's sort of like an on–line museum dedicated to King Arthur.
The Medieval Sourcebook
This is an on–line collection of ancient medieval texts, some of which mention King Arthur.
The Online Medieval & Classical Library
This is an on–line library of public–domain translations of many medieval texts, including some dealing with King Arthur.

Non–Arthur–related websites:

The Bold Outlaw
This website is just like ours, except it's all about Robin Hood! Gadzooks!
Casebook: Jack the Ripper
This website is just like ours, except it's all about Jack the Ripper! Double Gadzooks!
This website is just like ours, except it's all about the Roman Empire! Triple Gadzooks!
Vortigern Studies
This website is just like ours, except it's all about Vortigern instead of Arthur! *faints*