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Judy Shoaf Resigns

PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:26 am
by Guildmaster
Regrettably, Judy Shoaf, the long-time moderator of the ArthurNET mailing list since 1995, resigned her post on November 3rd, 2014. Since then, ArthurNET has been inactive.

In her resignation, Professor Shoaf stated:

I have been moderating, as best I could , the Arthurnet "scholarly" discussion list since October 24, 1995... But Saturday morning, in replying offlist to a particularly officious and delusional post, my patience really did definitively give way to a wholly unprofessional bit of name-calling. That seems to be a sign.

I have submitted my resignation to Dorsey Armstrong of Arthuriana. I don't know whether that means that the list will continue, providing a venue where those with sincere questions can get good answers from scholars in the many fields concerned with King Arthur, with or without the doppelganger of uncollegial theorists. I will be glad to work with anyone who wants to take over.

Shortly before resigning, Professor Shoaf had begun moving the ArthurNET homepage to a new location. The homepage, still active, states that since Professor Shoaf's resignation, there has been no mailing list. The mailing list archives continue to be hosted by Memorial University.

Professor Shoaf had been a most helpful moderator, as other subscribers to the mailing list have noted, and as I was lucky enough to experience firsthand during my own exchanges with her when posting to the list. It was thanks to her hard work that the ArthurNET mailing list remained active for as long as it did. Her dedicated patience will be missed.