About Us

This website is owned and operated by Camelot On-line, an organization dedicated to making information about the Legend of King Arthur easily accessible to as many people as possible. This website exists to provide information on the legend both to beginners and seasoned scholars in the field.

Many websites discuss the Arthurian Legend or the history behind it, but the vast majority of these assume a prior familiarity with these topics. Our website provides a series of articles designed to introduce the beginning student to these fields of study. It is our hope that by reading these articles, beginners who wish to learn more about the legend may find a central, organizing body of information which will give them the knowledge they need to continue their studies.

We also host a collection of freely–distributable translations of many of the earliest texts which mention Arthur, for more experienced scholars to reference when needed.

It is our hope that whether just beginning or already experienced in the field, anyone seeking information about Arthur and his knights will be able to find it here. Please explore and enjoy!